Còi đèn báo cháy MG1R-HDVM

Hãng sản xuất: GE-UTC

Còi đèn báo cháy MG1R-HDVM

Thông tin chi tiết

Standard Features
Unique low-profile design
– The most compact UL-1971/ULC-S526 listed strobe available
– Ultra-slim – protrudes less than one inch
– Attractive appearance
– No visible mounting screws
Four field-configurable options in one device
– Select 15, 30, 75, or 110 cd strobe output
– Select high (default) or low dB horn output
– Select temporal (default) or steady horn output
– Select public mode flash rate (default) or private mode
temporal flash
Fixed 15/75 cd model available
Easy to install
– Fits standard 1-gang electrical boxes – no trim plate needed
– Optional trim plate accommodates oversized openings
– Pre-assembled with captive hardware
– #12 AWG terminals – ideal for long runs or existing wiring
Unparalleled performance
– Industry’s most even light distribution
– Meets tough synchronizing standards for strobes
– Single microprocessor controls both horn and strobe
– Low current draw minimizes system overhead
– Independent horn control over a single pair of wires
– Highly regulated in-rush current
– Multiple frequency tone improves sound penetration
– Industry’s first temporal strobe output.

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