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Mã SP: Kidde K-87-001 WHDR
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The Kidde WHDR™ Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Kitchen System offers 24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas; ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surfaces. The wet chemical agent is designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression.

WHDR Cyclinders

The Kidde WHDR™ Wet Chemical Kitchen System is a cost-effective, pre-engineered fire protection solution designed for a quick and easy installation. The system offers unmatched coverage, with fewer discharge nozzles and flow points than the competition, meaning reduced installation time and cost. It exceeds stringent UL 300 standard and complies with NFPA Standards 96 and 17A.

Kidde’s WHDR™ system is specifically designed for the challenging demands posed by cooking applications. By offering one of the most flexible system configurations in the industry, Kidde provides efficient, economical protection for all types of cooking facilities and design layouts. Our customized approach allows you to specify the type of detection, control and cylinder sizes to fit your application.


  • Safe and reliable fire protection
  • Ease of design and flexibility of installation
  • Flexibility and reliability of important safety system

Technical Specifications

  • APC provides fastest flame knockdown and best securement
  • Four cylinder sizes available
  • Meets strict UL 300 fire test criteria

Listing & Approvals

  • UL 300 Listed
  • ULC/ORD-C1254.6 Listed
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • ISO 15371

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